Grow Your Business

While Supporting Local Schools

Connect with Local
Buyers and Sellers

  Receive Verified Referrals:

Receive verified leads from local community buyers and sellers

  Online Marketing:

Social media, targeted ads, and premium online placement to promote the Homes For Education program in your targeted school area

  Local Recognition:

Align yourself with a local school and gain increased local recognition


Only one agent can claim a specific school. All leads and marketing exposure are exclusive for your selected school

Advanced Personalized Marketing:

Facebook Video Advertising

Estimated monthly impressions 10,000 – 20,000


  • Monthly Subscription Fee:  $99
  • Minimum Monthly Marketing Budget:  $80
  • One time set-up fee – $195

Custom School Landing Page

Referral Fee

15% Referral Fee paid to Homes For Education, Inc on closed referrals through the Homes For Education Platform.

Custom Color Brochure

All featuring your photo, branding
and contact details:

  School landing page featured on HFE website
  Unique and engaging Boosted Facebook Ads
Full-color Tri Fold Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sponsor more than one school?

As long as another agent hasn’t claimed them, they’re yours (the monthly fee applies to each).

What about leads that are given to me directly from the school?

You do not have to donate commission for any leads that aren’t given to you by us.

The Homes For Education Foundation will provide eGift Cards to the teacher or teachers of your customer’s selection to be used at our partner company,

How do I donate the commission?

When the transactions closes, you’ll submit your donation (Referral Fee – 15%) to Homes For Education using your unique transaction id. 

Homes For Education through it’s Foundation will provide eGift Cards to the teacher or teachers of your customer’s selection to be used with our partner Teachers can use their eGift Cards to purchase supplies from the many vendors participating with the program.

Become a Part of Something Special

While Supporting the Education of your Community’s Children